Based in Wimbledon (Delta House Studios), born in the north of England,  a painter and sometimes sculptor, specialising in landscapes with an abstract quality.  Susan is fascinated by the interplay of light and colour and the way they evoke mood and emotion. Shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016.  Most recent show in August 2018, at the Oxo Gallery with ‘A River Runs Through It” with over 4,500 visitors.


Blair Lamar uses her work to push against the age of instant gratification, engaging the viewers imagination to discover the composition in her work. Born in the deep south of the United States she has been working and residing in London since 2008. At Southwark Studios she ran Hatched Gallery. She joined Delta House, but was later invited by Albeit in partnership with Outset to be one of the artist in arebyte 2, a pop-up complex in Clerkenwell. This platform emphasiesed the importance of open spaces, collaborative process and future planning in creating cultural space. In 2017 Blair was accepted at Second Floor Studios Wembley as a part of London Borough of Culture 2020. Blair graduated from College of Charleston in 2006 studying under painters Michael Tyzack and Michael Phillips. In 2008 she graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying under painter Susanna Coffey


Cheryl Tarbuck

Artist and designer Cheryl Tarbuck works across all mediums ,often combining drawing, printmaking and paint . After leaving Chelsea School of Art she set up an illustration collective and her work appeared regularly in books, magazines such as the Radio Times, Good Housekeeping and The Times Magazine and on packaging for Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury , WH Smith and Harrods amongst others .She has  illustrated books  for the BBC and written and illustrated poetry for their series Poetry Pie .She often combines a narrative with her pictures. Drawing underpins all her artwork and gives her work the structure to expand into print or paint.Her work has been accepted for RA Summer Exhibition  and also exhibited at  The Ice House in Holland Park and  The Norman Plastow Gallery amongst others.

Christina Myers - Christina is now based at the Johnson’s Island Studios in Brentford.  She finds the relationships between pattern and colour endlessly fascinating because they are so varied and difficult to resolve. Originally from the Lake District, Christina enjoys landscape work and finds paint the most successful medium for capturing the atmosphere of a scene.


Rula, partner of Sayegh & Sayegh London, is a ceramic artist with a background in architecture. Her work has evolved into light sculptures that reflect her interest in organic conformations, alongside architectural technicalities. 

Using ceramics as the medium for her work, she creates structurally challenging sculptural pieces that evoke our senses through sight and touch.